Virtual Tickets FAQ

Virtual Tickets FAQ

How do I access my virtual ticket?
You will receive two emails from the event organizer you bought your ticket from:

  1. order confirmation email - this is sent at the time of purchase
  2. virtual access email - this includes a direct link to the film or event and will be sent one hour before the film or event is available to watch, unless you purchased your ticket after the film or event is already viewable, in which case, you will receive this within minutes of your first order confirmation email.

This ‘virtual access’ email also includes a 9-digit voucher code. You don’t need to enter this code to access the film online, but will require this if you have Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire and prefer to watch the film directly on your TV. See the Technical FAQ for more info.

You can also access a direct link to the film or event by logging into your Elevent account. Click ‘view order’ at the top of the page and from there you’ll see your order confirmation, voucher code and a blue ‘View on [event organizer’s name]’ button once the film or event is available to watch.

I can’t locate my 'virtual access’ email.
Search your inbox for the event organizer’s name or Remember to check your 'other,’ spam or junk folders.

I bought a Ticket Package. How do I fulfill this and add films or events using my Package?
Click here to access your Elevent account and then click on the blue "Fulfill Package" button at the top right of your screen. This will take you to the event organizer's Events page on the Elevent website where you can browse films or events and select as many as are included with your Ticket Package.

Add 1 ticket per film/event, click ‘Add to cart,’ then ‘Checkout’ and ‘Complete Fulfillment’. You will receive a ticket order confirmation email with further instructions on how to access the films once they become available.

NOTE: you don't need to fulfill your entire package at once; you can add some films or events and return later to select more.

How do I watch the film or event I bought a ticket to?
Your ‘virtual access’ email will include a ‘view’ button, which links directly to the film on the event organizer’s online screening portal.

NOTE: the ‘view’ button will only be visible and active once the film is available to watch, according to the film or event start date and time.

How do I know when the film or event is available to watch?
The date and time of when the content is available to view is noted in your order confirmation email and can also be found on the event organizer’s website. This information is also included on the event organizer’s Virtual Search Page, which you can access by visiting, scrolling to find the event organizer’s name, and finding the film or event you bought a ticket to via the 'Search Events' button.

How long is the film or event available to watch?
Most content is available for 72 hours from when you first hit 'play' unless otherwise communicated by the event organizer.

NOTE: If you purchase your ticket, for example, on the last day of a festival or the last day that an event is available to watch, it will only be viewable until midnight on that day and regardless of how many hours your link says it is valid for.

Can I pause/stop the film or event and finish it later or re-watch it at a later time?
Yes, so long you do so within the specified availability period as communicated by the event organizer, but note, once you've seen 95% or more of the film or event you won't be able to replay it.

Can I watch the content using different personal devices?
Yes, you can start watching content on, say, your iPad or iPhone and finish watching it on you computer or TV so long as all of your viewing happens using the same WiFi network and thus the same IP address. Note, if you started watching on your iPhone using cellular data and then tried to finish viewing on your laptop connected to your home WiFi, this won't work.

I bought tickets to different films or events. Will I receive just one email with the links and voucher codes for all of the films/events?
No. You will receive a different ‘virtual access’ email including a unique voucher code for each film or event you purchased a ticket to.

NOTE: different content may have different start dates and times; you will receive your ‘virtual access’ email for each accordingly and one hour before the content becomes available to view.

Can I watch the movie or event on my TV? Is there an app for the screening portal?
If you have Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire, you can search for and download the Elevent TV app. Be sure to search for ‘Elevent TV,’ including the space. Once you've downloaded the app on your TV, enter your 9-digit voucher code on the left under 'Ticket Holders.' See our Technical FAQ for more details.

Can I gift my ticket to someone else by forwarding them my ‘virtual access’ email?
Unfortunately not. Your ticket is linked to your Elevent account and email address and is viewable in connection to a single IP address. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for someone else you can do so by visiting the event organizer’s ticketing page, check out as a Guest, and enter the intended recipient’s email address at checkout.

I bought a ticket to a live stream event. Do I have to watch this live or can I watch it later on?
You will need to begin watching this event at the stated ‘live’ time. You may join late, but you will not be able to access the content once the live stream has ended.

I believe there's a live Q&A or discussion following the film that I purchased a ticket to. How do I access that?
If this is the case, a link to the live discussion will be issued in a second 'virtual access' email that you will receive at the same as you 'virtual access' ticket email, and/or there will be a link to this on the film or event page itself, which you can access with your virtual ticket. If you can’t locate these details, please contact the event organizer directly to inquire.

NOTE: At present, you can link to live bonus content via the online screening portal, but not via the Elevent TV app (e.g. not on Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire)

I also bought a festival or event pass. How do I access that?
Visit our Virtual Pass FAQ Virtual Pass FAQ for more information.

Having technical difficulties and need some troubleshooting advice?
Visit our Technical FAQ

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