General Questions FAQ

Please contact the festival or event organizer if you have any of these questions.

  • The dates and availability of the event or festival content.
  • How long after I click play on a video can I watch it?
  • What's included in my pass?
  • Where can I watch the content, do you have an app I can watch it on?
  • When will I have access to my event or festival online content?

You would like a refund.
Refunds can only be issued by the event organizer and are subject to policies and procedures for that organization.

If you get a message on the event watch page that says Not Available.
Content availability is managed by the event or festival organizer. Make sure your accessing the content between the published availability dates

If you get a message when you click play that Content is Not Available in my region
Each festival can be required to geo-block certain content. Geo-blocking or geoblocking is technology that restricts access to Internet content based upon the your geographical location. The location of purchase does not determine

How do I access that my ticket?
Visit our Virtual Ticket FAQ for more information.

How do I access that a festival or event pass?
Visit our Virtual Pass FAQ Virtual Pass FAQ for more information.

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