Virtual Pass FAQ

Access with Your Virtual Pass

How do I access my virtual pass?
Your virtual pass is effectively your subscription to the screening portal. There are a few different ways to access the screening portal:

  • Go directly to and sign in under Passholder Login using your Elevent account email and password



  • Log in to your Elevent account at and click the blue Log In button under Virtual Subscriptions


If you haven't ever created an Elevent account, you'll be prompted to set a password upon logging into the screening portal for the first time.

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark in your browser for easy access to the virtual festival.

I can’t log into the screening portal.
Try resetting your password by selecting ‘Forgot.’


If you enter an incorrect password 5 times in a row, your account will be locked for 5 minutes. If you then enter the incorrect password 2 more times, your account will be suspended. If that happens, please contact the event organizer.

If you’re still unable to login, please contact the event organizer for further assistance.

I’ve successfully logged into the screening portal, but can’t see anything there. How do I find the films?
Need not worry, this simply means the festival hasn’t made their content available yet. Refer to the event organizer's website or check in with them directly if you're unsure of when the festival begins.

I’ve logged into the screening portal and can see films listed, even watch trailers, but not the films themselves. Why?
This is because the films haven’t yet become available. These will be viewable according to the start dates and times as listed on the event organizer's website, which you can also access by visiting the event organizer’s page on

How long are films available to watch?
If you've bought a pass to a festival, films will be available until midnight on the last day of the festival unless otherwise communicated to you by the event organizer.

Can I pause/stop films and finish them later or re-watch the movie?
Yes, so long you do so within the availability period as noted on the event organizer’s website.

Can I watch movies on my TV? Is there an App for the screening portal?
If you have Roku or Apple TV, you can search for and download the Elevent TV app. Be sure to search for ‘Elevent TV,’ including the space. See our Technical FAQ for more details.

Can I share my pass with someone else?
No. The pass is valid and accessible by one device only and is linked to your Elevent account.

How do I gift a pass to someone?
If you are interested in purchasing a pass for someone else you can do so by visiting the event organizer’s ticketing page, checking out as a Guest, and entering in the intended recipient’s email address at checkout.

How do I access any available Q&As or bonus content on the portal?
If a Q&A or any other bonus content is available, it will appear directly within the related film page on the screening portal and you’ll be able to click on this to watch after the film or at your leisure.

NOTE: At present, you can only access such content via the online screening portal ( and not the Elevent TV app.

I bought a ticket to a film. How do I access that?
Visit our Virtual Ticket FAQ for more information.

Having technical difficulties and need some troubleshooting advice?
Visit our Technical FAQ

Feb 23, 2021