How to Buy and Give Gift Cards

Gift Cards are kinds of "Extras"--one of the other things you might have in addition to tickets, passes, or memberships. They might be called something other than gift cards, like Superbucks or Member Credits or who knows what. Gift cards store some value you can later use to purchase most anything else sold by the event organizer. Here, we'll show you how to acquire and give gift cards.

What Do I Actually Get?

A gift card is some amount of value you have in credit and can use to buy other items, like tickets, a membership, passes, or concessions. You can use it yourself or give it as a gift--what happens to most gift cards. You may or may not get an actual physical card from the event organizer, but you don't really need one. The amount left on your gift card is always known by the organization and the website.

The gift card, like most gift cards, has a 14-digit code unique to that card. Using that code is the same as using that card, so guard that code carefully. Additionally, whomever the current owner of that gift card is will see they have access to use the gift card when logged in and checking out--even without entering the code.

Who "Owns" a Gift Card?

It depends how it was purchased. If it was purchased as a gift, it can be given away to a new owner. If it wasn't purchased as a gift, the buyer retains control. In either case, the 14-digit gift card code can be shared and used by whoever knows that code.

Buying a Gift Card

You can buy gift cards on an event organizer's website, wherever they are sold. They may also be available for sale on Buying a gift card is simple--you add one or more to your cart and check out.

You might buy them as gifts or not, if the event organizer makes that possible. For example:


Here, the user adds a gift card for themselves to own and one to be given to a new owner. Both gift cards can be shared with others, but the one marked as gift can be fully relinquished to a recipient.

After you checkout, you'll see some language and a button that'll take you right to your new gift card(s).


Gift cards, like voucher bundles, are called "Extras"--the other things you might get along the way.

Locating your Gift Cards

If you purchased or received any gift cards, in your confirmation email you will see a 'Get Codes' link beneath your listed Extras.


Click 'Get Codes', which will take you to Your Extras page in your Elevent account.

Alternatively, or if you were gifted any gift cards by an organization and didn't receive an order confirmation email, you can also retrieve these directly within your Elevent account by signing in at and going to Account>Your Extras

You'll then see your gift card(s) listed here, showing the original and remaining balance.


Note the partially-obscured Redemption Code shown here--that is the code you can share with anyone you choose to let them use the gift card.

Giving the Gift Card Away

As shown above, you can share the 14-digit Redemption Code with anyone you choose. That person will be able to enter the code during checkout online or share it with the agent at the box office and use the gift code to purchase items.

If You Purchased the Card As a Gift

If you bought your gift card explicitly as a gift, you will receive an additional email after purchase. It will look something like this:


When you purchase an item explicitly to be a gift, you can't use it yourself (unless you claim it as the gift recipient, but what's the point in that?)

Forward the button in the email or share the Gift Code with the gift recipient when the time is right (We won't spoil their birthday surprise).

Note: A Gift Code is not the same thing as a Gift Card Redemption Code. The Gift Code claims the Gift Card, which can then be used. Until a Gift Card is claimed (if it was purchased to be gift-only), it's not usable during checkout.

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